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How Guards are Selected

We appoint qualified guards who are physically fit and have mental and physical attributes to ensure that they can work within the field requirements. Such guards that we vetted through oral and written test with good character and with spotless background only we select. All of them had experienced in their home country as Security Guard, Police and even in the Arm Forces (Military). These guards came from different countries such as Pakistan, Nepalese, Indian, Filipino, African and Arabic countries. Guards are at least fluent in two languages, one which is English. Guards are deployed appropriately with regards to the diversity of the duties assigned to them.

Training of the guard

The guard is subjected to various training courses in different fields, such as;    *National Security Institute (NSI) – A security training institute in UAE duly accredited by PSFRD training courses includes; ►SOL3 Security Operation level3
a. Bank Security Training
b. Special Events Security Training
c. Hotel Security Training
d. Hospital Security Training
e. Security Supervisor Training
f. General Security Training
Private Security Firms Regulatory Department (PSFRD) Test – A test for securing license of guard (Northern Emirates).
Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) Test – A test for securing license of guard (Dubai).